P1010062 Nature reared its ugly head in retribution for all the comedy I?ve been getting at Joes expense. Hey Joe, how bout we go drown our sorrows in that bottle of Maker?s Mark I left at the office.



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Cell phone upgrade

Ive never been a big fan of all the fancy features that the newer cell phones provide and thus havent really paid much attention to how this technology has evolved. But I was able to get a great deal on a LG VX7000 camera phone that prompted me to upgrade. On the camera phone front I had become aware of a great site called Text America that allows for real-time posting of camera pics. This is a pretty cool feature that always appealed to me and I have thus setup an account. (more…)

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Home Theater 2.0

Ive been on a shopping binge as of late. The whole 2005 toy budget will be spent before the end of the year. My latest acquisition? A Sony 60XS955 LCD Projection TV. I was an early adopter of a progressive scan / HDTV capable projections TV. I bought the top of the line Sony 61 Projection (model 61HS10) in 2000 and have been very happy with it, but I felt like it was time to upgrade.

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Personal NAS Solutions

So I’ve been looking into setting up a NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive for my home network. I initially had the following requirements (ranked in order):

1. Ethernet connectivity (obvious)
2. USB connectivity as well for portability
3. SMB sharing (for Xbox)
4. FTP server
5. Web based administration
6. Flexible rights management

The contenders:

Ximeta Netdisk
Tritton Tech
Netgear WGT634U
Linksys NSLU2
Buffalo Linkstation


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Google Freeze out…

Are you outside the circle? Do you envy those that have what you don't? Well look no further. I have several Gmail invites available as well as an Orkut account…

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I got my HD DVR!

So I was a pretty happy ReplayTV owner. I initially had chosen the Replay over Tivo because of several features. For one you could connect it to your network via ethernet. This was a big plus for me since I didn’t have a phone line where I was going to put the unit. This also had the following two added benefits. There is great program called DV Archive that allows you to move shows from your replay to your computer. You can also program your box from a website to record shows. The only problem with this is that you have to do it a day in advance. But still these features all led me to Replay over Tivo.


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Feeling Strange

Yesterday I went shopping for my son for his birthday. I needed to spend a certain amount to be eligible for a special giftcard bonus. So I decided to pick…

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