Getting Revenge from a Hotlink Violator

I was going through my referrers today and the usual suspects were there along with a site I had seen in the past that was hotlinking to an image of mine. It was especially evil as it was being used as a background on their page. A few months ago I decided to just rename the image on my local server and change the reference to it on my own site hoping that by breaking the link the perpetrator would simply fix the issue on their end. I felt that this was a very nice way to deal with an offender (I wasn’t so nice in the past…more on that later) and thought it would resolve itself. Unfortunately this person didn’t get the hint so today I decided to go to plan b.


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In Search of the Best WordPress Hosting Provider

I had recently come to the realization that it was that time again. The time to start looking for a new location for my blog to live. The search for a location where you can move your online life can be just as painstaking as trying to find a new home in the brick and mortar world. I have hosted sites for over 10 years and since the time I started using WordPress as my platform, I had recently hosted one site on a friend’s server, and another on Yahoo. The main reasons I decided to move was based on the fact that I had a few issues with the site on my friend’s server with regards to reliability and uptime and Yahoo did not support hosting multiple domains on one account as part of the standard monthly fee.


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My Trip to Guanajuato Mexico

P1010048 On a recent trip to Mexico my wife decided she wanted to take me somewhere special to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. She had been to this beautiful town when she was a girl and wanted to share this magical place with me. I can honestly say that I was mesmorized after entering the town and enjoyed every moment I was there.

Guanajuato was founded by the spaniards in the early 16th century and soon became one of the largest silver mining towns in the world. The very first thing I noticed was the architecture and environment. Although I have never been to Europe, the town had a very European feeling to it from an architectural standpoint. They have done a great job of preserving as much of the old world feeling the town has by limiting the changes allowed to the environment. This includes not adding streetlights and allowing traffic to portions of the downtown area as well as limiting fast food and other commercial chains to setup shop (although a Domino’s Pizza has snuck in somehow).


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How to Build The Ultimate Product Based Community Site

I have been working in the web industry for over 10 years now. I was there when “Community” referred to functionality that allowed users to interact with a site. Today in the Web 2.0 era it’s more commonly referred to as “Social Networking”. My experience has been primarily based around managing web development. I’ve been lucky enough to have surrounded myself (and be-fronded) some very talented developers over time. Along the way I’ve been inspired with ideas for sites to develop. About 2 years ago I began drafting a plan for a product based community site.

My inspiration for the site was born from my personal experiences in pursuit of what I call “The lifecycle of an online purchase”. This process is based primarily on technology items which with the breadth of products and features make it hard to do research and come to a decision.


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Seeking Bukowski Inspired Films

So I’m finishing Septuagenarian Stew yesterday and one of the final stories is called “Mad Enough” which appears to be based on Buk’s experiences around the film “Tales of Ordinary Madness” which according to IMDB was the first film adaptation of a Buk story.

Mad Enough is an interesting story in which Buk doesn’t hide his dislike of Ben Gazarra’s portrayal of the character in the film (whom he calls Ben Garabaldi in the story). He even details how he shouted obscenities during his viewing of a screening for the film. At the end of the story, Buk discusses how he is approached by a producer who wants to make a film based on 5 of his short stories and have each of them done by a director from a different country (Spain, France, Japan, etc…)


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Checking Traffic Online Provides a Surprising Chuckle

As a resident of Southern California with a long commute to work in the morning , and by long I mean measured by time not distance as is often the case, I’m addicted to The site provides real-time traffic data for all freeways in southern California (as well as other areas of California and Arizona). I almost religiously look at the site prior to stepping into a car before and after work as well as any other time I have a possible traffic obstacle that might impede my travel plans. Traffic accidents and hazards are listed on a map identified by a colored diamond which can then be clicked on to provide further detail. Upon clicking on one of these a few months back (yes it took me that long to sit down and compose this post) I was pleasantly amused by the description provided by the site for the hazard.


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Recent Comedy Relief in the Form of Beer Commercials

So if like me, you’ve started the post labor day drudge and are in need of some comic relief. I recently have enjoyed laughing at some new beer commercials utilizing the same tried and true recipe.?As a rule, beer companies seem to have a knack for making the funniest commercials (at least from the male perspective) compared to those of most other advertisers. This seems to be proven each year when the polls come out each year for best Super Bowl commercials.


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Babes of the World Cup and Other Photos of Beautiful Soccer Themed Girls

So I saw this post on digg called “Babes of the World Cup”. After reading the comments it appeared that there were a few other galleries listed as well. I then decided to do a little more hunting on my own so that I could provide a service to others by having a single consolidated list of all good galleries available. I know…I know…your welcome.


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