I had recently come to the realization that it was that time again. The time to start looking for a new location for my blog to live. The search for a location where you can move your online life can be just as painstaking as trying to find a new home in the brick and mortar world. I have hosted sites for over 10 years and since the time I started using WordPress as my platform, I had recently hosted one site on a friend’s server, and another on Yahoo. The main reasons I decided to move was based on the fact that I had a few issues with the site on my friend’s server with regards to reliability and uptime and Yahoo did not support hosting multiple domains on one account as part of the standard monthly fee.

To determine the list of possible hosting providers for my move I decided to limit my search to those recommended on the WordPress site. This is how I originally chose Yahoo before determining my needs had outgrown them. After viewing the small selection of sites listed I saw that the only one supporting the ability to host multiple domains on one account was Bluehost (disclosure: I am an affiliate now that I’m a happy customer). So not only was I able to host multiple domains now, but I was going to pay less as well.

bluehost_cpanelSignup & setup was a breeze. They offer the ability to auto-install WordPress (as well as a ton of other open source packages. see image) with just a few clicks. They have a very clean control panel to access all the features necessary and as an added bonus they already have phpMyAdmin installed which was useful when I had it setup on my own server for accessing the WordPress mysql database when necessary to make changes as well as for doing backups. The ftp service has been very snappy as I’ve had to migrate over much of my old site data.

The support has been great and I’ve been very impressed with the pro-active emails they send keeping users up to date on changes they’ve been going through asbluehost_fantastico they expand and improve performance. It’s great to see my site is running smooth. No longer do I need to worry about the problems I was having with the old server. I can’t recommend Bluehost enough which says a lot since I’ve experienced a multitude of hosting providers over the years. I think if you’re looking to host your own WordPress site you can’t go wrong choosing them.

But don’t just take my word for it. I found a great site called Web Hosting Unleashed that provides user reviews and feedback on hosting companies. You can find the feedback received for Bluehost here and compare them to other potential hosts you are considering. Another hosting provider I have heard several people recommend is Midphase.

Update Bluehost now offers unlimited domains with their accounts!

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