Dilbert…reworked to make South Park look like Disney

[Warning: don’t follow the links if you don’t have an open mind and are easily offended]

I had come accross a web page a couple years back that had some Dilbert strips re-done in such a way that I found myself laughing so hard I was crying. Today I was in a mood where I needed a little humor and was thinking about them and started looking through my massive bookmark list but couldn’t find the link. I then started googling for it but still couldn’t find it. Then I started trying to remember where I had seen the original post for it and remembered it was on Sensible Erection (on of my favorite sites) but unfortunately the link was broken.

Hmmmm….ok at this point I really wanted to laugh so I kept digging… Lets try google again now that I have the domain info. Closer…there are a few good links there with some other similar panels…but not the page I remember.

Ok, then I suddenly remember that I should try The Internet ArchiveBingo!. I begin to read and start the uncontrollable laughter once again.

Well it turns out that the site got threatened legally…oh well…thankfully the archive appears to be exempt and the images are now safely stored on my hard drive for future comedic needs.