My E3 2005 Experience – Xbox 360, PS3, Booth Babes and more…

[Note: DDR John footage is still on the cutting room floor but will appear soon…be sure to return, I promise it will be worth it!!!]

So I used to be in the videogame biz several years ago having been employed by as director of development. Basically I managed a great team of developers, html / graphic artists and others and co-coordinated with the editorial team to build a custom content management system that powered the engine used to produce the site. I?m a casual gamer but I really enjoy following the biz.

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I hadn?t been to the show in a few years and decided to go today with a good friend of mine that does quite a bit of sound design for videogames, movies, commercials and mocking of passersby from his Hollywood studio.

I was pretty excited to take a look at the next gen systems from Microsoft and Sony as well as some other stuff. Of course if a couple photo ops with the booth babes presented themself I was game as well.

As I was crossing the street to make my way to the convention the first people to peddle their marketing swag (or as the gamefan guys use to call it?chicken) made their way to invade our personal space. It sure was strange when it turned out that the item they were trying to pass on to me was some new extreme deodorant. Boy has E3 changed since my last visit. I politely turned down the strange gift but understood later in the day that it would have been of great value to many of the super nerds that put hygiene at the end of their to-do list that brushed up against me over the course of the day in the hot halls. Before making my way through the front door I did accept a can of mountain dew since I was thirsty and could use the caffeine jolt.

I had no itinerary and as usual just decided to make my way around the show floor. The first booth I came upon was EA?s the first thing that hits you was their amazing 360 degree video screen. It was great to see their next gen game lineup come across that screen. I also caught a decent look at Battlefield 2 being played. Very exciting for me since it?s my most highly anticipated game of this year. I?ve been a longtime fan of the franchise and this game has really taken the game to whole new level that doesn?t disappoint the way BF Vietnam did for me.

I then walked around a bit and was stunned at the great statue in the blizzard booth. I initially thought it was a model in cool costume but quickly realized that no-one was making strange expressions which are the usual case with morons trying to rattle a one of those frozen street performance artists you often see here in LA. So I snapped a few photos and quickly moved on.

Before long I made my way to the Microsoft booth. Of course my main goal was to see the Xbox 360 hands on. On a side note being the tech geek that I am hand having just purchased the Panasonic S77 upconverting HDMI DVD player as well as having the Scientific Atlanta 8300HD DVR system also using HDMI I wanted to see what video output Microsoft planned on providing now that we know the PS3 will offer dual HDMI outputs. This turned out to be an aimless quest as my question regarding DVI / HDMI output on the Xbox 360 usually elicited a deer in the headlights look when asked of multiple vendors. The only person that provided any coherent feedback was a guy at the ATI booth which was running a tech demo and told me that they were outputting the Xbox 360 video feed over VGA to their plasma. But he had no idea on what outputs the shipping unit will have. So at this point it?s still unclear from what I was able to gather.

The only Xbox 360 game I personally played was Top Spin (yawn) but saw quite a few other hands on games that looked great. Probably the most impressive one to me (being a fan of single & multiplayer FPS?s) was Call of Duty 2. This really looked amazing.

So I walked around the show floor some more, catching t-shirts, admiring and stopping for photos with the booth babes and checking out some of the games Bryan has worked on. But then suddenly like the wafting of 1000 unbathed armpits I was overwhelmed by what I just had come upon. Imagine the utter awe and amazement that consumed me as I was faced with the fanciful footwork of what I have deemed DDR John. You too will be hypnotized by his dazzling footwork and I?m sure you will agree that if word gets out of this video, much like the intrigue of the new Sasquatch footage, DDR John will become an internet icon.

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