How to use ChatGPT and Suno to Create a Song with Lyrics using AI

I recently used an AI song creation service called Suno to use the words from a poem I wrote as the lyrics to create a song. The only other thing I provided besides my words for the lyrics was to give it some genre keywords. Suno created 2 versions of the song within a minute or so. I was amazed with the results and you can listen to the songs below.

I posted the songs on Facebook and my friend who runs our racquetball league left a comment jokingly saying I should create a song about our group. He thought he was being funny but I gave it some thought before replying challenge accepted!

So today I gave this some thought and wanted to take the process a step further from what I did originally. My poem didn’t use proper song structure with verses that rhyme and a chorus so I decided to jumpstart the process using ChatGPT to write the lyrics based on a very specific prompt about racquetball terms and the people that play in the league. So I gave ChatGPT this prompt:

Create a song with 2 verses and a chorus about the LA Fitness Northridge racquetball league. Make it funny and use racquetball terms such as rollout, pinch shot, and more. Use the names Dean who runs the league and players like Jamie, Edgar, Mark, Mae, Alon, Scott, Tomas, and Gerry.

My goal here was to get a baseline for lyrics and then refine them as needed. ChatGPT did a pretty good job. I only made a few edits so it would be more personal and specific towards the different players I was referencing. I completed those edits and shifted some of the lines a bit but overall not many edits.

Click to see the original ChatGPT prompt and output

Once I completed my edits I fed the lyrics to Suno and gave it the genre keywords of rap, hip hop, male vocals, and funny. Below is a screenshot showing how to configure these in Suno.

A few minutes later I had 2 versions of the song. Having defined song lyrics instead of using a poem and using the proper strong structure made an improved difference in creating a song. Suno does a good job analyzing words and using inflections differently in later versions of the chorus and bridge.

When you hear the vocals you can hear some twinge and imperfections but it’s still amazingly good especially considering how quickly these were generated. These are early days and the quality will no doubt get much better soon. So get out there and start using these great free tools. I’ll be waiting here for you to share what you create.

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