road to love

i think i’ve met
the promised one
to make me happy
to make me whole
her beauty shines
and glows
and warms
my soul right now
with thoughts of her

i pray i can
provide the same
for her
for now
and always

i now share all
i confide in her
the good
and bad

too tired to hide
the truth in my life
it’s who i am now
and always will be
with her i hope

i chose to write these words not long after meeting the person who was to become my wife. i wrote this relatively early in the relationship, and didn’t present it to her for quite a while after i wrote it. i poured out niceties with no reservation, and attained the reaction i hoped i would receive when presenting her with it.

1 thought on “road to love”

  1. I loved the road to love……
    Your beloved must be a special little

    Good luck and keep writing what you feel

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