In Search of the Best WordPress Hosting Provider

I had recently come to the realization that it was that time again. The time to start looking for a new location for my blog to live. The search for a location where you can move your online life can be just as painstaking as trying to find a new home in the brick and mortar world. I have hosted sites for over 10 years and since the time I started using WordPress as my platform, I had recently hosted one site on a friend’s server, and another on Yahoo. The main reasons I decided to move was based on the fact that I had a few issues with the site on my friend’s server with regards to reliability and uptime and Yahoo did not support hosting multiple domains on one account as part of the standard monthly fee.


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Ultra Zoom Cameras – Canon S2 IS vs. Panasonic FZ5


2/22/06 Dpreview has posted information on the newly announced Canon S3 IS Camera which will be replacing the S2. The biggest difference is that it now has a 6 megapixel sensor but there are many other new features as well. You can read more at the site by clicking here

12/12/05 BoingBoing put up a blurb on the FZ5 today here with great praise. I’m surprised there was no mention of the Canon.

I ended up getting the Canon S2. You can get more info on it HERE. The dealmaker for me was the video mode of the Canon. The interesting thing is that my brother ended up getting the Panasonic FZ5.

I am about to buy a new ultra zoom digital camera and have been doing research on the current crop of contenders.

Here are the four current choices as I see it. There are other Ultra zooms, but only these provide what I believe is a required feature…Image Stabilization

I personally have limited my decision to either the Canon or Panasonic. The Panasonic has been out for a little while and has gotten great reviews. All of these cameras are priced similarly in the ~400-500 range. I was just about to pull the trigger on the Panny and then heard about the Canon. I’m waiting to see some reviews before I make my final decision.


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Rear Projection TV – Sony KDF-60XS955

Item: Sony KDF-60XS955 Status: Own Bought From: Howard's Price: ~$3,500 Last Owned: Sony 61HS10 Now drooling over: Sony QUALIA 006 (1080p) Review: None I'd recommend Essential Accesory: Bush VS74377 TV…

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Personal preference versus technical merits

Making purchases for electronic products or other technology has become a much more difficult task with the advent of the net. It generally used to be be a fairly simple process by comparing features and quality for a given pricepoint. Unfortunately it’s not that easy anymore. I usually start my hunt and narrow down to ~ 3 products before making a purchasing decision. I will then read multiple reviews of each product on various sites. I then begin to read about user experiences. That’s when things can get a bit complicated because you need to be careful and weed out quite a bit of nonesense to find quality experinces people have had with the product. I usually can make my purchasing decision after that process, and of course finding the right place to buy it is another online adventure.


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