Item: Sony KDF-60XS955
Status: Own
Bought From: Howard’s
Price: ~$3,500
Last Owned: Sony 61HS10
Now drooling over: Sony QUALIA 006 (1080p)
Review: None I’d recommend
Essential Accesory: Bush VS74377 TV Stand (Sony’s is waaaay overpriced)
Best Product Page: Crutchfield (be sure to look at the photos)
Best Forum: AVS Owner’s Thread
Why I bought it: Well for me deciding on a new television was a very long and difficult process. The first decision I needed to make is whether I wanted a rear projection versus direct view or front projection. Then after I crossed that bridge I needed to decide which technology to go with…LCD, DLP, DiLA or various others. For me it was between LCD or DLP. After much viewing on showroom floors I decided to go with LCD. To me it’s a tossup between either technology and just boils down to personal preference. I found the LCD sets to be a bit sharper and since I usually decide between Sony or Mitsubishi it made the decision simple since Sony is in the LCD camp and Mits is in the DLP.

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