After considering the massive number of current themes available for WordPress I’ve recently decided to go with the K2 theme. One of the main reasons I chose it is because it is a very flexible theme that allows you to make quite a few changes without having to edit the actual code. It also supports the automattic widget plugin. The latest version which I am running actually has its own included widget functionality which in my mind is better than the automattic version.

Once I decided to go with K2 the hunt for information on it began and it took me a little while to track much of it down so I thought I’d put that information here to help others.

Get rid of whitespace at top of page

  1. Log into Admin
  2. Click on Presentation
  3. Click on Theme Editor
  4. Click on the Stylesheet File
  5. Scroll down a little to the #page { section
  6. Change the line padding: 20px 0 10px; To padding: 0px 0 10px;
  7. Click the Update File button
  8. You’re done!

A Directory of Styles and Mods can be found here

The official K2 user forum is at here

Customizing K2 is a great guide written by Paul Stamatiou that discusses many ways to customize the theme

3 Column Mods

Integrating Flickr Falbum plugin
Guide and custom file to correct display issues with K2

Integrating Lightbox JS
Guide to integrate correctly with K2 by Kristin Pishdadi

Spanish Theme
Blue K2 Theme (also available in English)

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