I was lucky enough to get an invite to Pownce from Michael Pate and I have used it for the last two days. I’m not really that impressed. Nothing you can’t get in tools elsewhere done much better. The client is buggy and doesn’t allow you to reply to messages within it. You need to do that from the web…pretty pointless. Also there aren’t enough distinguishable rss feeds available for the content you add. Only a you with friends messages feed and I only want mine to be provided as a feed.

In fact, if you have been interested in Pownce you should take a look at the Pownce rival comparison done at Mashable. Alternatively you can read this tongue-in-cheek (or should I say foot-in-ass) review of Pownce done at a great satirical site called Uncov. 

Hopefully it will get better over time but it’s definitely not ready for prime time.

If you are still interested I have invites for the first six callers (err…commentators). Just leave a comment below so I can get your email address to send it to you.

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