So I was going about my daily routine of perusing my rss feeds when I came across this story on Lifehacker which is one of my favorite sites to read.

I’m a pretty open minded person and usually watch the tech evangelists argue their passionate cases from the periphery. This includes the Linux vs. Microsoft crowd…the Apple vs. Microsoft crowd…and the (insert today’s here here) vs. Microsoft crowd. I find the arguments against the “evil empire” to be quite amusing most of the time. But I must say that in many cases where people argue in favor of Apple products they always seem to resort to a style vs. substance argument. Case in point would be that when the Imac’s came out the most important specification wasn’t the speed of the CPU, or the amount of memory, or the size of the hard drive. It was whether to get the Tangerine or Blueberry model. This is an ongoing theme with regards to Apple worshipers.

After reading the story I analyzed the reasons and they are as follows:

Reasons 1,2,5,6,8,9,10 are all your typical style reasonings and don’t mention any functionality
Reason 3 is a sarcastic self inflicted wound
Reason 4 describes the voices all followers of the cult of Apple hear in their heads
Reason 7 is the only reason describing functionality

So basically when people consider an Apple product to purchase they only give 10% of the value towards the purchase to be considered based on functionality.

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