I just got back from vacation at my father in law’s hotel in Guayabitos Mexico (45 mins outside of Puerto Vallarta) Had a blast and got some much needed relaxation for the body and mind. Esther made it a mission to potty train Jaclyn…mission accomplished.

Upon return I went to visit my friend Russ’ newborn baby girl Sophia and got the welcome surprise of a bottle of one of my favorite spirits, Pearl Vodka as a gift.

Tonight I saw my first film in a theater in several years (I have a pretty good home entertainment system and prefer renting dvd’s at home). Of course the only current movie to warrant that was The Matrix Reloaded. My quick review…better than I expected, definitely entertaining with good effects, and a bit corny in places that weren’t necessary.

Current Distractions
Listening – Ambient Systems
Eating – Haribo Gummy Bears

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