The Start of My Variation of Project 365

Leading up to the end of the year I heard a couple mentions of Project 365 which as far as I can tell appears to be a meme of sorts started by Photojojo whereby you create a dialy photo journal for a whole year.

John Worthington’s first Photo 365 for 2009

While this idea was intriguing to me, I don’t think it’s something I could actually stick to for a whole year. So I looked at what social media services I currently used or where available that offered a tool where I could start a similar project.

I recalled a service I wrote about last year called Daily Mugshot for Lifestream Blog. This seemed like a good service that shouldn’t be too hard to commit to. I also wanted a way to do the same in video form. offers the best form for this by not only offering an easy way to create and post the videos, but by limiting the videos to 12 seconds, also creates a low barrier to stick to by only requiring me to record short daily messages.

I plan to embed a widget for each of these services onto my site as well as pipe through the feeds to my Lifestream here as well as other services including FriendFeed. I’ll need to find a way to embed 12Seconds videos to my site based on a tag before that can happen though. Luckily I have connections over there :)

If you are currently participating in a Project 365 or variation of please post a link in the comments below. Also, if you know of other cool ways to do a Project 365 or related services which would be useful, please post them as well.

So without further ado below are my first entries for this project. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to it for a whole year.

Daily Mugshot
– stream currently displays a few test shots from 2008. My account is here
– RSS feed for daily shots are also available. Mine is here

12 Seconds (only embedding my first entry for now)

Project 365 – Day 1 on

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