Stolen Identity Offers Some Great Downtempo Chillout Music

I driving home from work the other day and tuned to KCRW which is the only station I listen to in LA for music when this song came on that I really liked. So when I got home I made my way to the KCRW Live Playlist to find out who the band was.

The name of the band was Stolen Identity and the track was “Hey”. As I often do when I really like a song I started to research the band to try and find more tracks. It was very hard to find any information online for them as the band name makes for a useless search on Google and it turns out they have a limited presence online.

Delicious downtempo, vocally stimulating chill out music for the beach or the poolside with chill house soundscapes, and relaxing, intelligent, groovy beats. Songs with soul and beautiful melodies that make you feel chilled out.

The description above is from CD Baby which provides lots of background on the band. Chris Paul is a highly proclaimed DJ and producer from London and vocalist Mia Victoria hooked up with him here in LA where they are now based out of.

I was finally able to find they had a page on MySpace as well as and was able to listen to a few more tracks. I really liked them (including one titled Argentina…sweet!) and wanted more. So I made my way to Amazon where I was happy to find their first release Hearts & Stories available for download in the MP3 store (sample tracks and link below).

It became the first MP3 CD I have ever bought from Amazon and I’m really happy I did. If you like this style of music these guys are fantastic. I can’t wait to hear more from them.


“Hey” – Live

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