I’ve seen my share of bitching and moaning about how lame the trending topics on Twitter have become. Well with the mainstream comes the TMZ crowd so unfortunately it’s a sign of the times. Remember when geeks ran Twitter? Remember Color Wars? Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to have trending topics created based on our social graph. But until that day comes, I had a goofy idea thinking it might be fun to have a weekly organized way to promote geekdom across the trendingsphere. That idea came in the way of trying to create a geek meme on a weekly basis.

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My idea would be to throw up a site where people could come up with ideas for a topic that is voted on a weekly basis and then executed on a given day. Perhaps it could be known as #trendingtuesday.  The website would also provide an archive of #trendingtuesday’s past. I could probably throw up the site fairly easily using a CMS platform like Pligg or cobble one together with Drupal to get things started. It would also be cool to have a real-time feed of the topic on the site during the day it runs. Perhaps this is just my brain acting up since I may be over caffeinated but I thought it might be fun to do.

I’ll start it off today with the idea that got me thinking about this in the first place. I thought it would be fun to reveal things that we may be embarrassed to admit in the form of #geekconfessions. (Note: Guess I’m not the innovator here. I just searched Twitter and it appears that @direflail came up with this idea as well).  So I plan on shooting out a few tweets today using the hashtag and see where it goes.

So if this doesn’t take off, how about using a similar plan to create a trending topic calling out the actions of #douchebags? Now that sounds like a very necessary public service.

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