Today I felt like quite the Ornithologist. You see over the last few weeks a bird has decided to make a nest on top of a speaker in my backyard patio. I’ve been keeping an eye on the progress and over the last few days. There is a door in my bedroom that leads to the patio and on these hot nights I leave the side windows open. The last few mornings I have been awaken by the baby birds that summon mama to feed them. Upon inspection of the nest today the babies are finally raising their heads and getting a little adventurous. So I decided to try and be a little stealthy and take some pictures and video of them using my Panasonic FZ7 Ultra Zoom Camera.

I got an extra added surprise when I saw a hummingbird making the rounds to each of my kangaroo paw plants and was able to capture some great shots of it as well. I also have video of it perched on my orange tree. Pretty amazing that all these shots and video occurred today in my backyard.

Baby Birds




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