My Secret Love Triangle

So it’s time for me to confess. As you know I’m a huge fan of 50 Cent and president of his fan club. The other day I sent Fiddy (that’s what his best friends call him) a framed photo of myself which I honestly thought would end up in his trash 12 seconds after he opened it. Unbeknownst to me he actually liked it and decided to proudly display it in his crib (that’s what hipsters call their homes). Well you know that Fiddy has secretly been swingin with Alicia as it’s been all over Friendster and Orkut. What you may not know is that…well…Just watch the video my boy recorded while Fiddy was on the phone with Alicia.

Guess my galavanting is no secret anymore…

Ok, hopefully you got a chuckle from this but I thought this was really cool. There have been many promotions that have allowed us to place our mugs within videos but I don’t believe any have provided the realism that you get from this new one generated by the folks at MySpace with Fan Video. Just simply visit the site, login with either your MySpace or Facebook credentials and you can choose from 8 videos that all have different effects to get your avatar on either service directly into the video. You can even string up to 6 videos together. I chose 2 to bring you my little story. Once the video has been created they offer an easy way to share on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, as a link to a page (which is better quality than the embed. Here’s mine) or as an email to your friends.

I found out about the service last night from newly announced Director of Content Socialization Sean Percival (Congrats to you my friend) and I would have posted this sooner but demand went through the roof and the service went down until earlier tonight after they deployed more servers or clouds or lumberjacks I’m not too sure how they did it so fast. In any case go check it out. I tried all 8 videos as it’s very addictive. MySpace no doubt has a hugely successful viral video campaign about to launch but get there before your friends. You don’t want to be Fiddy’s 2nd best friend :)

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