I’m running a Dell 8400 3.2GHz system with 1Gb of RAM and didn’t have a real need for more memory until recently. I’ve been contemplating getting VMWare up and running to play with Vista and Linux in an isolated environment. I was working on a friends system and while doing so decided to temporarily borrow some of his ram and drop it into my system. It was nice to have the extra memory and I decided to look around at RAM prices which I hadn’t followed to see were prices were.

I was pretty amazed when after doing a little searching around on dealnews, techbargains, and fatwallet I was able to find a 2GB Kit (2 x 1GB dual channel kit) of DDR2 memory for only $70 with free shipping at one of my favorite online merchants newegg.com so I decided they were too cheap not to buy them. I could then easily get about $30 for the 1GB dual channel kit I already had in the system making the upgrade net at only $40, but I decided to be nice and put the memory in my son’s computer.

As I went to the page to provide you with the link I come to find out that they dropped the price another $5 to only $65…amazing…Here’s the Link

2Gb of DDR2 Ram

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