My Lifestream for 2009-01-23

twitter (feed #3) 11:01pm Just posted Yahoo Now Offers Lifestreaming Activity on Profile Pages over at Lifetream Blog
lastfm (feed #7) 11:02pm U2 – Peace on Earth
lastfm (feed #7) 11:08pm Radiohead – My Iron Lung
lastfm (feed #7) 11:20pm Arcade Fire – (Antichrist Television Blues)
lastfm (feed #7) 11:21pm The Smiths – Shoplifters of the World Unite
twitter (feed #3) 7:25am Let’s see if I can go from Chatsworth to Playa Vista (27 miles) and get there in 1 & 1/2 hours. I’m betting against me.
twitter (feed #3) 12:01pm @om FriendFeed is my favorite startup. They provide my Lifestream, serve as my peer based content filter & an excellent discussion forum
twitter (feed #3) 12:49pm RT @mokargas: Flash 10 r12 is working on my PC with WP2.7 + FF You could use Flash Switcher in Firefox:
twitter (feed #3) 12:53pm @sarahintampa No no. Get to the root of the problem by having blogs adopt Media RSS. I use a WP plugin for my sites
twitter (feed #3) 1:51pm @TheKillerPitch started to read your book. Love how you state "Law of Attraction" wannabe’s need not apply (note my liberal paraphrasing)

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