My Lifestream for 2009-01-07

twitter (feed #3) 5:01pm Amaete Umanah…Spamming…You’re doing it wrong!
twitter (feed #3) 2:06am Got an email from YouTube stating my skydiving video has been blocked due to a music copyright complaint and even listed song in question
twitter (feed #3) 2:59am For those asking, the infringing song on YouTube was Killer by Seal. YouTube did provide instructions on an Audioswap feature which as cool
twitter (feed #3) 3:03am I present this years first WTF award to Rayban for this viral video they created
twitter (feed #3) 4:11am @Jean_Levasseur Hey man. Nice to hear from you. Have you thawed out yet after moving to the east coast? We miss you at @xprize
delicious (feed #4) 12:41pm Home Server Hacks: Pico Home Server: The Worlds Smallest Windows Home Server
twitter (feed #3) 4:25pm @mobilefotos I love the app but you need to streamline Twitter integration. Add it as an option to the upload interface and I’m happy
delicious (feed #4) 4:28pm One Degree: Lifestreaming is the New Black

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