My Lifestream for 2009-01-05

delicious (feed #4) 2:55am Kill all DJs » Blog Archive » Reports of the journal form’s death have been greatly exaggerated.
delicious (feed #4) 2:58am Good Grape: A Wine Blog Manifesto
delicious (feed #4) 3:20am Top 10 Reputation Tracking Tools Worth Paying For
delicious (feed #4) 3:23am Rethink Christianity
twitter (feed #3) 3:35am Whoa my Google profile photo was changed to a picture of Hello Kitty. Have I been hacked or is this just some strange ghost in the machine?
twitter (feed #3) 3:38am @netzoo Nice new Lifestream on your blog. You chose your path well with the WordPress Lifestream plugin young grasshopper
twitter (feed #3) 4:08am Frustrated by the lack of getting a single rss feed to display within a node in Drupal. Installing and configuring Simplepie to do the job
twitter (feed #3) 5:52am Got Simplepie up and running well. Should have just done that from the getgo instead of messing with Drupal modules. Oh well
delicious (feed #4) 5:54am Displaying RSS And Atom Feeds On Your Web Site With SimplePie | HowtoForge – Linux Howtos and Tutorials
twitter (feed #3) 6:22am Screenshot gallery of Twitter account hacks. Glad 2009 is bringing the comedy.
delicious (feed #4) 7:38am – Free Twitter Backgrounds – Brand your Twitter Profile for Free!
delicious (feed #4) 7:51am SimplePie Documentation: API Reference
delicious (feed #4) 3:40pm Twitter IRC server, tircd – Hack a Day
twitter (feed #3) 4:29pm I’m fried right now. My poor brain has no idea what hit it today after the long slumber. I’m still working but brain just wants to vege out
twitter (feed #3) 4:44pm @MarsPhoenix a Tweetup at JPL in LA sounds great. I’m there along with @glxp @pomerantz & more @xprize peeps. Keep us posted on the details

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