card1 When I went to my mothers apartment, on her nightstand I found an envelope addressed to me. I knew it was my birthday card. I even saw on her calendar that she had marked the day to remind herself to mail it to me on time. I decided to wait until today (my birthday) to open it. Here is what it said…

The Card

“A SON leaves your home
But never your heart.
He follows his own path,
but your hopes travel
with him.
He Discovers
His own happiness
Which, in turn,
Becomes yours.
Life Changes,
Love lasts forever.”

Through All life’s changes,
and journeys,
you have brought
much joy,
you have always
been loved.
Have a wonderful birthday.

Her Words

Dear Son

Very rarely a card says what I would, only better as this one. But you are much, much, much more to me, a treasure, a miracle in my life, I can not describe. I carry you in my heart always holding you just like the most precious thing I carry in my arms when you were born.

I always and only wish you the very best (which starting with Esther and your children you already have) but also in health, work, everything else love Mom & Cha Cha

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