The most common use of an RSS feeds are to provide summaries of news posts from web sites. The RSS feeds usually provide a snippet of the story with a link to the full post. There are many more interesting and unique uses for rss feeds that have been created across the internet. I am providing a showcase of the ones I have come across here. If you happen to stumble on any other good ones not listed, please post a comment. I will continue to update this list on a continual basis.

Updated 4/13/06

Description: New Movie Trailers feed provided by Apple in Quicktime
Site: Apple’s Site provides quite a few movie trailers
Feed Info Feed

Description: Craig’s List Keyword Search Feed
Site & Info: is a premier classified site on the web. Great listings for real estate, Jobs and your average stuff for sale.
Feed Info Simply navigate to a category listing page, enter a keyword into the search box and click on the search button. You will notice an RSS link on the bottom right hand side of the page. This is the link to the feed for this keyword search. Here is a Sample Feed for “Dell” in the electronics category in LA

Description: Monitor new Ebay auctions based on a keyword search feed
Site & Info: allows you to monitor all new Ebay auctions for a keyword. There are a ton of parameters that let you fine tune the listings that appear in the feed. You can also set an expiration date for the feed.
Feed Info: Feed Setup

Description: Local weather and forecasts feed as well as news
Site: allows you to Just plug in your zip code and choose which feeds you want which includes live local weather and news.
Feed Info Feed Setup Page

Description: Video Downloads Feed
Site & Info: allows you to setup a feed that monitors video files on Bittorrent trackers that match a keyword that you setup. It then automatically downloads the file using a bittorrent client.
Feed Info: Site

Description: Bittorrent files by keyword Feed
Site & Info: is a great Bittorrent tracker search engine that adds the ability to setup a feed based on a keyword search.
Feed Info: From the home page enter a keyword in the search box and click on the “torrents” box. On the resulting page you will see that oh so familiar RSS logo. This is the link to provide the feed. Sample Feed for keyword “ebook”

Description: Daily Deals on Electronics Feed
Site & Info: & are two sites I monitor on a daily basis for good deals. Be warned that having these two feeds in your subscription arsenal will lead to spending loads of money.
Feed Info: Dealnews Daily Feed They offer more feeds as well which can all be seen here. Techbargains daily feed

Description: Recipe Feed
Site & Info: Simply Recipes provides a nice feed that includes pictures…yum
Feed Info: Feed

Description: Sex Feed
Site & Info: provides a feed that can be custom tailored to any seaxual deviants chosent fetish.
Feed Info: Feed Setup Page

Description: Comic Strip Feed
Site & Info: provides a nice feed of most daily newspaper comics available today.
Feed Info: Dilbert Feed

Description: Travel deals feed
Site & Info: Orbitz provides a wide array of feeds you can setup to track travel deals which includes specifying by destination as well as top deals on flights, car rentals, cruises, and more.
Feed Info: Feed setup page. Travelocity has also added a deal feed. Setup is here

Description: Poker feeds
Site & Info: Pokerworks If you’re an avid poker player as I am, you will love these feeds which provide latest reviews and bonus codes for poker sites, poker strategy articles, and poker tournament schedules and events.Feed Info: Feed setup page, Ultimate Poker Tournaments

Description: Weekly Target Ad feed
Site & Info: Yes, even the big boys have entered the RSS era Target now offers their weekly ad as an rss feed.
Feed Info: Go to this page and enter your zip code. You will then have a page where the feed is listed on the left column.

Description: RSS Calendar
Site & Info: This is a fantastic use of RSS. You can create a calendar and then share events as you add them via a feed. You can do this on a public or private basis, as well as by category and more.
Feed Info: Signup at the site here

Description: Microsoft Download Center
Site & Info: Here is a feed that provides every new microsoft software release. This includes security updates, new versions, and more
Feed Info: Feed

Description: White House Feed
Site & Info: Who doesn’t need more Bush? Follow news, press briefings, and the presidential weekly radio address.
Feed Info: Feed setup page

Description: ReminderFeed
Site & Info: This site allows you to create a custom feed that allowing you to generate it as a method to provide a reminder .
Feed Info: Feed setup page

Description: Dead Myspace Users
Site & Info: Here is a feed that is updated with stories about the deaths (and murders) that occur to Myspace users. It contains information about the cause of death along with links to the user profiles.
Feed Info: Feed

Description: Custom Amazon Feeds
Site & Info: Here is a feed that allows you to track price changes for a product or create a feed for your wish list.
Feed Info:Feedsetup page

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