Five years ago I came across a box of Harry Potter Jelly Bellies. I was taken back by these as they didn’t contain your standard bellies. In fact they included some very unsavory sounding flavors including booger, earthworm, dirt, grass, ear wax, soap and vomit. The first thing that came to mind was whether I could get my kids to eat them.

So I took these home and decided to film my kids eating them. In retrospect with the possibility of social services knocking on my door, this may not have been the best idea. But after all was said and done, the laughing, the crying, I decided to finally post the video for all to see.


The kids and I watched this for the first time in years today and we really got a kick out of it. Then the lightbulb went off in my head wondering whether they still made these gems. So we went on the hunt and found a new version of them called Bean Boozled. I guess the Harry Potter license ran out. Nonetheless these are similar but with a new twist. They put in two identical colored bellies, one tastes good, the other blah! There were some newly added flavors including skunk spray, rotten egg, baby wipes, pencil shavings, toothpaste, and moldy cheese. So I turned on the camera 5 years later to capture the kids tasting these again and not surprisingly had very similar results.

Disclaimer: Kids, please dont try this at home :)

Alex & Jaclyn Eat Harry Potter Jelly Bellies for the First Time

Alex & Jaclyn Eat Harry Potter Jelly Bellies Five Years Later

Bonus: I came across this rather amusing tasting review of the beans which I thought I’d share if you’re curiousity is still captured by these.

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