If you are planning on upgrading to WordPress 2.2 one thing you want to know is that it now includes widget support in the core. This is a great addition for the most part as widgets have proved themselves to be a great addition to WordPress. The only problem is that if you prefer the Sidebar Modules Plugin like I do (Implementation is so much nicer!) or if you are using a theme that has SBM embedded such as K2, you will run into problems as they are not compatible with WordPress 2.2

I installed 2.2 on my local server and verified that my version of K2 was broken after upgrading. Luckily I found a solution. Darrell Schulte is a progressive WordPress blogger who is currently running version 2.3 alpha and uses K2. It appears that as he was using beta versions of 2.2 when he came across this issue and developed the Disable WordPress Widgets Plugin.

I downloaded and installed it and can verify that it worked with the release version of 2.2 and allowed my K2 theme to work gracefully again. I thought I’d help get the word out for all the other Sidebar Module users out there.

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