happiness takes on many forms

sometimes I wonder what would have happened
had I not veered down my current path…

looking back I distantly remember
my self induced excursion
to a world of isolation
where my friends and enemies
where one in the same
where looking in the mirror
felt good and bad
but bad mostly felt good
because it was comfortable
and soothing
and there was no urgency to
alleviate the situation

i remember it well
and miss the chance
to taste it once again

yes it�s the neurons misfiring
but they are mine
they are what shapes me
and what brought you these words

3 thoughts on “happiness takes on many forms”

  1. i think this i a great poem. it kinda reminds me of what i read someplace, about how some ppl dont wanna be happy. some of us r usta bein sad. nice job.

  2. it was alright better than what i could do so shouldn’t pay it out.

    It was good for a read but needs a bit more a motoin!

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