graduation_esther_at_service After several years of persistence, hard work, and sacrifice my wife Esther has realized a dream. She received her Bachelor of Science for Business Administration. She pursued this for several reasons. One of which was to gain the additional knowledge needed for her current position as business manager for Hamer Toyota.

graduation_friends_at_service When she first decided to discuss going back to school with me I knew it was going to be a difficult road considering she already had a full time job, 2 young children and I commuted far for my job as well. But she built a strong case citing that part of her motivation was wanting to set an example for our children to understand the importance of getting a higher education.

graduation_family_at_service graduation_at_home graduation_program

Although the road was difficult she worked very hard and has now reached her goal. I await what new challenge she wants to face and overcome. She is amazing and I’m proud to be married to her.

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