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The Crysis PC Game Demo came out on Friday and since then I’ve been searching for quite a bit of info to get the most out of it and prep for the game’s full release in a few weeks. Finding this information can be tricky and for the most part it’s tucked away in forum posts and comments littered all over many different sites. A few years ago the same situation occurred and I created a page with info for Battlefield 2. Now I’ve decided to do the same for what appears to be the next game I will be immersing myself into.

Anyways, below you will find a Guide, FAQs, Tips, Demo, Cheats, Tweaks and more…I will continue to update this page as I find more information.

Download the Demo for Crysis PC

  • Here’s a list of sites courtesy of Voodoo Extreme
  • For a list of Torrents available click here for a list from (I recommend using one of these)

Additional Demo Map
So you finished the demo and want more? Here’s a map someone created for the demo called Frozen Island.
Single Player Demo Video Walk Thru
Voodoo Extreme has posted a Video showing complete gameplay for the demo. You can see it here

Display Your Frame Rate In-game

  1. Enter console mode (hit the ~ on your keyboard)
  2. Type in the following and hit return “r_displayinfo = 1” (no quotes)
  3. Hit the ~ again to exit console mode
  4. You will now see your frame rate and other info on the upper right part of your screen

Removing the Intro Videos
Speed up the load time by removing all those videos at the beginning

  1. Go to this folder from your install location “Crysis SP Demo\Game\Localized\Video”
  2. Create a new folder to backup the videos (i.e. Backup)
  3. Move all videos from the directory in step 1 to this newly created folder except for bg.sfd and intro.sfd
  4. Next time your run Crysis it will go straight to the game menu

Run Benchmarks
It’s easy to run both a GPU & CPU benchmark in Crysis as they have provided batch files to do this. Keep in mind that the benchmark is based on the current settings you have already setup in the game. You need to change the settings in game before your run the benchmark.

  1. Go to this folder from your install location “Crysis SP Demo\Bin32”
  2. You will see “Benchmark_GPU.bat” & “Benchmark_CPU.bat” in the directory
  3. Open a command prompt (Click on “Start Menu” then click on “Run” then type in “cmd” and hit return
  4. Navigate to directory in step 1
  5. Run either file in step 2 to benchmark your system. Once benchmark is complete you can hit the “ESC” key to return to the command prompt and view the results

Benchmarking Tool

Voodoo Extreme User Madboris has released a great benchmarking tool available here

Run Crysis using Direct X 9 on Vista
If your run Crysis on Vista it will automatically launch using Direct X 10. Some people claim that you can get better frame rates running under Direct X 9. You will be doing this at the expense of some nicer eye candy available in Direct X 10 and you will not be allowed to access the “Very High” settings within the game.

  1. Copy or Create a shortcut for Crysis.exe
  2. Right Click on the shortcut and select “Properties”
  3. At the end of the “Target” line add -dx9
  4. The Target should now look something like this (“C:\Program Files\Crysis SP Demo\Bin32\Crysis.exe” -dx9)
  5. Launch the game from this new shortcut and you should be all set
  6. To verify you can enable the console command to display frame rate (described above) and it will tell you what version of Direct X you are running

Recommended Video Settings Based on Video Card Memory
courtesy of user “MadBoris” on Voodoo Extreme

“Just to give people a heads up about video memory usage, especially for the 256MB and 320MB cards need to be aware.”

* 1280×1024 (All Medium)- 300MB
* 1280×1024 (All High – textures medium only)- 300MB
* 1280×1024 (High)- 380MB
* 1280×1024 4x AA (high) – 460MB
* 1680×1050 (All Medium) – 300MB
* 1680×1050 (High) – 390MB
* 1680×1050 4x AA (All High – textures medium only) – 530MB
* 1680×1050 4x AA (High) – 580MB
* 1920×1200 (All High – textures medium only) – 380MB
* 1920×1200 (High) – 490MB
* 1920×1200 4x AA (All High – textures medium only) – 570MB
* 1920×1200 4x AA (High) – 650MB
* 1920×1200 8x AA (High) – 710MB

“These should be fairly accurate. The higher you go over your local video memory limits, the more hitching and thrashing you will experience. So it’s good to first make sure you are using the right settings for your cards memory. You can crank textures down to conserve memory.”

Listing of All Console Commands
Courtesy of user Koroush Ghazi at Tweakguides Forum
Complete list of commands available in a text file here.

Suit Shortcuts
There is a much easier / faster way to access all the suit functions from the keyboard

  1. Make sure you have the “Suit Shortcuts” option enabled on the keyboard settings
  2. You can then “double tap” the following keys to access the suit powers
  • Jump (spacebar) = Strength
  • Sprint (shift) = Speed
  • Move Backwards (s) = Armor
  • Crouch (ctrl) = Cloak

* Note: the keys are based on default keyboard settings

A Good Method to Get “Very High” Settings in DX9
Here’s a great guide with a file to download and instructions to achieve this at Crysis-Online

Mod to get ragdoll physics and decals on dead enemies
Here’s a post at inCrysis to do this

Enable ability to take in-game screenshots
Info is available on this page of the Tweakguide. Just make sure to read the docs with reference to “set con_restricted=0” and using the console command “r_GetScreenshot”

Complete Tweaking Guide
Here’s a great tweaking guide over at

Review @ 9.4/10
Review @ 9.5/10
Review @ 8/10
And this awesome (although a bit off-beat) review from Zero Punctuation

Cool Physics Demo Video
This is a very fun to watch video with some great background musicSandbox Editor Hints & Tips
These are courtesy of user Sharpy on the Tweakguides forum Installing the editor

  • Firstly, you need to install the editor. This is found at: Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis SP Demo\Sandbox2 Installer
  • Secondly you need to run the editor, this is not done from in the game. The editor runs as a window. You will find the editor in: Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis SP Demo\Bin32\Editor.exe

Loading in a map
Firstly you need to load in the map, so go to file, open and go to islands (you should alread be in the levels folder, under game), one is called island.cry this is the demo level and theres also the MP map from the beta called shore.cry. An interesting point is you can add AI to the shore map and it provides a good idea of basic level editing. This will take a while to load, as its loading all of the map info, but if you havnt edited a map before this loading is hardly anything and is amazing considering the scale of what its loading.

Navigating the map
CryEditor gives you an amazing real time display of whats going on in your map, but imagine the world is in pause until you get in-game. To move around this map use WASD as you would any FPS. Other controls include holding right click and rotating with the mouse to move your view. Scrolling the mouse wheel will zoom in and out. Holding the mouse wheel down and moving the mouse up/down will change your elevation.

Getting in-game
The wonderful thing with cryeditor is the immediate drop-in. This is done with ctrl+g. Be careful you will literally drop in from your view, so if your miles high you will die. Get the view near the ground.

Adding Items
On the right of the screen are your main tools. You should be on Objects, where you will see Entities. This are things you can add to a level. You can drag any of these items into the map, its best to do this near the ground at eye level, otherwise you can have items added below the map. If you cant find an item but know it is on the map then you can always duplicate that item. You can do this by clicking the item in the main window. Make sure you do not have anything on the right tools selected otherwise you cant select items. Then press ctrl+c to duplicate the item.

Moving items
At the top of the screen you should see a pointer selected. The tools next to this dictate move, scale, rotate etc. In order to move anything in the game select the move tool and put your mouse over an item. You should see several axis on which you can control. You can control multiple axis at a time by hovering over the square between two axis. Then simply left click and hold and drag.


1.2 Patch is available here

Mods & Add-ons

Official Multiplayer Tournament Map Pack


Official Sites

Unofficial Sites

Other Stuff

  • Alienware curved display running Crysis at 2880 x 900 here
  • Play Crysis using a Wii Controller here
  • Crysis Outtake Comedy Clip here


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