Atheism is the New Geek Stereotype

I was checking my feeds in Google Reader this morning and when viewing my Digg Technology feed I came across this post titled “Why are Geeks Often Atheist“? This title really piqued my interest as I consider myself a geek and have had some recent conflict regarding religion. I’ll get into that later but I digress. I quickly clicked on the link to Digg. I didn’t click through directly to the linked article. My normal modus operandi is to first peruse the comments which are often more entertaining than the what the post is linked to. This topic generated an enormous response. With 3711 Diggs and 913 commenter’s as of this writing, it is by far one of the most popular posts I’ve ever seen. The passioned comments from people about branches and religion in general rivaled those of the evangelistic mac owners I’m used to encountering. Below are some comments I liked from Digg.


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