So I saw this post on digg called “Babes of the World Cup”. After reading the comments it appeared that there were a few other galleries listed as well. I then decided to do a little more hunting on my own so that I could provide a service to others by having a single consolidated list of all good galleries available. I know…I know…your welcome.

Warning: Some photos and / or ads on these sites contain nudity so…NSFW

This is the digg post that started it all:

Great Flickr Gallery (also see Joga Bonito II listed there)

Gallery of Soccer wives and girlfriends

Soccer Babes by Country

Playboy’s Female Argentinian Soccer Team

High quality pic of team:

Dream Team

Plenty of galleries (look at links on the left)


Same Girl…even funnier

Soccer Babes by Country

Flickr Gallery for “world cup 2006 girls”

World Cup Babes Blog

Cool Flash Gallery (that’s flash technology to be clear)

A few good pics

Some High Quality Artsy Shots
and here: Painted Babes Gallery (warning – porn ads)

And believe it or not…more painted girls

Soccer Themed Nude Gallery (Bordering on Porn)

Still reading…well this gallery isn’t very good but what the hell

Warning: Plenty of uglies snuck in…like this one…doh!

Well, hope you enjoyed these. Post any good others that aren’t listed in the comments.

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