Babes of the World Cup and Other Photos of Beautiful Soccer Themed Girls

So I saw this post on digg called “Babes of the World Cup”. After reading the comments it appeared that there were a few other galleries listed as well. I then decided to do a little more hunting on my own so that I could provide a service to others by having a single consolidated list of all good galleries available. I know…I know…your welcome.

Warning: Some photos and / or ads on these sites contain nudity so…NSFW

This is the digg post that started it all:

Great Flickr Gallery (also see Joga Bonito II listed there)�

Gallery of Soccer wives and girlfriends

Soccer Babes by Country

Playboy’s Female Argentinian Soccer Team

High quality pic of team:

Dream Team

Plenty of galleries (look at links on the left)


Same Girl…even funnier

Soccer Babes by Country

Flickr Gallery for “world cup 2006 girls”�

World Cup Babes Blog

Cool Flash Gallery (that’s flash technology to be clear)

A few good pics

Some High Quality Artsy Shots
and here: Painted Babes Gallery (warning – porn ads)

And believe it or not…more painted girls

Soccer Themed Nude Gallery (Bordering on Porn)

Still reading…well this gallery isn’t very good but what the hell

Warning: Plenty of uglies snuck in…like this one…doh!

Well, hope you enjoyed these. Post any good others that aren’t listed in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Babes of the World Cup and Other Photos of Beautiful Soccer Themed Girls”

  1. It was great to see all the girls in the sporty looks. I have always loved photography, so when I am around something, I always catch it into my cam and try to make it more innovative.

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