01 Alex was in his first baseball tournament this weekend
This was his first at bat in his first game
He tipped the ball and was hit in the face
He started to cry
The coach approached him to soothe and encourage
I had to hold back Esther from wanting to do the same
He hung in there and got a single
This moment is now etched in memory forever

Alex went on to do great getting about 7 hits with only 3 outs. The team won all 4 of their preliminary games and were the only undefeated team going into the playoffs. The won their playoff game by over 20 runs. Going into the championship game things looked good as they were facing a team they had already beaten but going into the last inning they were down by two runs. Alex led off the inning with a double, but then they got the following 3 batters out in a row. I am a very proud father tonight and couldn’t have asked for a better birthday weekend.

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