Walking for Body and Mind

Every night I try to have a walk around my block. This walk initially was to help me reach that magical 10k steps I was aiming for every day on my fitness tracker. I also tried to time the walk after having dinner. So the goal was primarily around health.

Over time I have found that not only has my walk provided me good exercise for my health, but it has also proven to be beneficial for my mental health. I often will listen to music or podcasts on my walks. I have discovered that often on these walks my mind will wander and my thinking may focus on either creative thoughts or ways to solve problems or any other number of thoughts. I believe that my mind has trained itself to know that these walks are for those thoughts to fill my mind as well as the benefits my body was receiving. I’m now motivated to go on these walks looking forward to this flow state of thinking which I don’t seem to enter during any of my other daily activities.