Recent Comedy Relief in the Form of Beer Commercials

So if like me, you’ve started the post labor day drudge and are in need of some comic relief. I recently have enjoyed laughing at some new beer commercials utilizing the same tried and true recipe.?As a rule, beer companies seem to have a knack for making the funniest commercials (at least from the male perspective) compared to those of most other advertisers. This seems to be proven each year when the polls come out each year for best Super Bowl commercials.

The latest slew of the funniest beer commercials I have seen in a while come from a newcomer to me. They are?from Milwaukee’s Best Light beer. I’ve only seen them while watching the World Series of Poker on ESPN, but recently was able to find them on their site.

Since we’re on the topic of beer commercials…hall of fame honors are in order when speaking of the Bud Light real men of genius series. These are classic and you can relive these on demand in mp3 format by visiting this site.