On Adding Short Form Posts and Writing More

New blog main page with shorts

Over the years I’ve struggled with how I could add short form content to my site. The type of content I’m referring to could take on several forms. It could be a short recommendation for something I recently enjoyed and wanted to share or It could be some thoughts I have that can be summed up in a paragraph. In the past I wouldn’t want these shorter posts to overwhelm my more long form pieces and bury them in my archive.

I’ve tried several ways to mitigate this in the past usually by implementing an RSS feed of some sort that would aggregate this content to a separate section of my site. Most recently I just gave up and simply embedded my Twitter feed on a page which is where I would most often share this type of content. However after coming across this post by Paul Stamatiou who recently did this, I decided to re-visit this concept and give this idea another shot. I decided to call this new section shorts which seems like a good alternative to Paul’s briefs (pun intended).

I have trouble trying to be concise when writing here so this will be good practice for me. I’m hoping this section enables me to share more thoughts as text only posts or less edited items similar stuff to what I would share on Twitter but with a little more detail.

I’ve updated my main blog page so that it separates my shorts in a more concise from regular posts and also highlights my featured articles. You can also subscribe to updates by RSS or email below. So here’s hoping the experiment gives me a good reason to write and share more than I have been as of late.