My Online Project Management Services Comparison Matrix

Project Management Service Features Matrix

A few months ago I embarked on researching hosted project management services to use for our marketing team. The system we were currently using wasn’t effective for us anymore. This provided a good opportunity to look at the current landscape to determine which service would be the best fit for us.

For this process we determined the required features we needed and then I began researching services that matched up best with those features and were within our budget range. To help evaluate the services and create a short-list I created a comparison matrix. To further fine-tune the features we weighted them based on importance. This allowed us to create a point system to to narrow the list down to the top contenders.

Even with all of this analytical data to help make a selection there are many other factors to consider like design, user experience, and other qualitative issues that can’t be captured from just a feature comparison  which need to be considered by testing these services. This matrix should provide you with a baseline you can copy and customize to help you do your own comparison.

You can click the image below or view the shared Google Sheet here and please let me know if you find any issues or have any recommendations by commenting on the sheet or here as well.