My Lifestream for 2009-01-28

lastfm (feed #7) 11:35pm The Church – Metropolis
twitter (feed #3) 11:55pm I’m so backlogged on posts for Lifestream Blog. Have tons in the queue. At this point I could easily write for the site full time. Sigh…
twitter (feed #3) 12:01am @twestival in LA on 2/12. Here’s more info: Upcoming page: to benefit
delicious (feed #4) 1:23pm WordPress Themes NeoEase
twitter (feed #3) 4:01pm Calm before the storm…or if all goes well…tranquil lake
twitter (feed #3) 4:07pm @freeryan Hope you plan on posting your presentation online either in document, video form, or both. Good luck.
lastfm (feed #7) 4:50pm Sneaker Pimps – Half Life
lastfm (feed #7) 5:08pm Depeche Mode – Leave in Silence
twitter (feed #3) 8:23pm Wow, I was just contacted by a band who read my review & offered to send me their latest release still being mastered
lastfm (feed #7) 9:49pm Maná – Oye mi amor
twitter (feed #3) 10:01pm @Mona Happy Birthday! I send you a virtual kiss from my bacon laced lips.
lastfm (feed #7) 10:22pm Tahiti 80 – (We’ll Go) Separate Ways
twitter (feed #3) 10:49pm My 12Seconds video celebration after completing the perfect data center migration tonight