My Lifestream for 2009-01-24

twitter (feed #3) 11:16pm Hmm if the iPhone could multi-task I could also record the reactions to using the fart app in the public restroom stall. Ok I’ll stop now
delicious (feed #4) 2:23pm iPhone Twitter App Battlemodo: Best and Worst Twitter Apps for iPhone
twitter (feed #3) 5:07pm The sleeper has awaken
delicious (feed #4) 5:10pm Function Reference « WordPress Codex
twitter (feed #3) 5:14pm Thx @nathanchase: for the tip on Timothy World Coffee K-Cups deals at Amazon –
twitter (feed #3) 5:16pm RT @Cascadia: you think the e fart app on the Iphone is bad? searching for a health app. found organ player orgasm sounds
twitter (feed #3) 5:17pm Looks like there’s some sneaky folks looking for @ reply’s using tactics akin to link-baiting uh.. no@thanks you can’t fool me
delicious (feed #4) 5:25pm TweepSearch :: Welcome
twitter (feed #3) 6:08pm Off to Dar Maghreb restaurant in Hollywood for some Moroccan cuisine
twitter (feed #3) 8:06pm Belly dancer at Dar Maghreb
brightkite (feed #2) 8:08pm Posted a photo on Brightkite.

twitpic (feed #11) 8:12pm Posted a photo on TwitPic.