My Lifestream for 2009-01-18

twitter (feed #3) 10:49am Finally watched There will be blood. Daniel Day Lewis is the best actor of our generation. Gonna go watch Gangs of New York again soon.
twitter (feed #3) 11:20am Just got the latest Wired. The last 2 issues have been pretty thin. This is my favorite magazine and I’m starting to get a little scared.
twitter (feed #3) 11:58am Lets go Arizona! Really pulling for you guys. Kurt Warner & Edgerrin James make us old guys proud!
twitter (feed #3) 1:05pm Edgerrin James!
delicious (feed #4) 9:32pm Jaikido Blog | We’re going open source
delicious (feed #4) 9:32pm Pop Upon Magazine: 30 Excellent Cross Branding Twitter Profiles
twitter (feed #3) 10:48pm Introducing the Lifestreaming Visualization Stylings of Nicholas Felton