My Lifestream for 2009-01-15

generic (feed #16) 11:11pm
delicious (feed #4) 9:25am Connecting the Dots: It’s the Value, Stupid
twitter (feed #3) 9:45am RT @lwallenstein: Was surfing ReadWriteWeb and came across my own lil project… how cool. -Cool little app u wrote Lynn
twitter (feed #3) 10:01am RT @beach: new yhoo ceo said that if we don’t dress better she would drop.. -Ha nice duds, productivity should soar!
twitter (feed #3) 10:02am RT @KellyAbbott: I need a RoR guy/gal for a small project. Month, maybe two. Anyone got some free time to earn a buck, maybe two? -Work any1
lastfm (feed #7) 10:10am BT – Somnambulist (Junkie XL vocal mix)
delicious (feed #4) 10:59am PR 2.0: Saying More with Less: A Directory of Short URL Services
twitter (feed #3) 2:20pm My plans to attend SXSW may become a reality this year with help from @elzbeth & a possible bunkmate in @revrev geek dreams do come true
twitter (feed #3) 2:26pm @drthomasho teaching a course on emerging technologies with 25% of grade based on contributions via Lifestream? Cool!
delicious (feed #4) 2:28pm CIT 499 Spring 2009 Syllabus
twitter (feed #3) 2:33pm @sarahintampa re: your Ffox Tab loss I recommend using the Session Mgr addon. It’s saved my arse from tab loss many times
lastfm (feed #7) 2:34pm BT – The Only Constant Is Change
twitter (feed #3) 2:36pm RT @vickistep: found a twitpic from @jkrums of the hudson river plane crash -WOW! That’s an amazing shot!
twitter (feed #3) 2:39pm @lwallenstein re: your issue htting the Delicious API limit. Have you considered talking to @bpm140 to see if he or Gnip can help?
delicious (feed #4) 3:16pm PlayStation.Blog » YouTube on your PS3…in Full-screen!
twitter (feed #3) 3:45pm Nervous Euphoria
twitter (feed #3) 3:54pm RT @jyri: We’re open sourcing Jaiku: -A great microblogging/Lifestreaming alternative to yammer, laconica etc.
lastfm (feed #7) 4:30pm Rush – Vital Signs
twitter (feed #3) 4:30pm @mokargas that picture of you as a child is the best Twitter avatar evar! That is all…
twitter (feed #3) 5:45pm Just posted Launch of the First Lifestreaming Backup Service over at Lifestream Blog thx to @somewhatfrank for the assist
generic (feed #17) 10:02pm Most Recent Mugshot
generic (feed #16) 10:11pm