My Lifestream for 2009-01-14

twitter (feed #3) 11:02pm What do you think about my thoughts for a vanity business card? Is this cool or stupid?
twitter (feed #3) 11:05pm Whoa @netZoo just sent a tweet to @matisyahu and yes it’s the real Matisyahu. Very cool….and….follow
twitter (feed #3) 11:21pm @treitnauer Yea I’m basically Krynsky everywhere & own the Google results so using some form of a wildcard would be cool but even geekier
twitter (feed #3) 10:59am About to extract another site to its own multisite in Drupal. Hoping all goes well on this 3rd one with my methodical step by step prep docs
lastfm (feed #7) 11:01am Mos Def – I Against I
googlereader (feed #6) 11:09am Shared a link on Google Reader.

twitter (feed #3) 1:09pm Nervous Euphoria
twitter (feed #3) 1:13pm RT @Zee Find Out Who’s Stopped Updating Their Twitter with MyCleenr -was just thinking the other day about a tool for this
twitter (feed #3) 1:24pm Would love to go to the Diggnation meetup in LA tonight & hang out with peeps but I think the mob planning to attend make it prohibitive
lastfm (feed #7) 1:35pm Massive Attack – Teardrop
delicious (feed #4) 1:37pm MyCleenr
lastfm (feed #7) 1:39pm Massive Attack – What Your Soul Sings
delicious (feed #4) 1:42pm ScreenToaster – Free online screen recorder: create screencasts, tutorials and reviews in a few clicks
lastfm (feed #7) 2:11pm Massive Attack – Protection
lastfm (feed #7) 3:11pm Ween – Push Th’ Little Daisies
twitter (feed #3) 3:53pm Another Drupal multisite migration is in the can. Only 1 problem but not a biggie and temporarily fixed with a symlink. Getting good @ these
twitter (feed #3) 3:58pm @factoryjoe glowing endorsement of Keynote ’09 really makes me want to check it out for a site redesign project I’m about to embark on
twitter (feed #3) 4:52pm RT @SketchStudios [qik] – Diggnation LA line in Hollywood (01/14/09) -Ummm that doesn’t look like fun
twitter (feed #3) 8:07pm @leolaporte did you hear Jaiku went open source? Might be a good platform to use for a river of TWIT eh?
twitter (feed #3) 9:02pm @emilychang only thing worse than a live web service shutting down is building one that never sees the light of day. Kicking sandcastles
twitter (feed #3) 9:47pm Minimalist
twitter (feed #3) 9:54pm I’m about to go all Edward Scissorhands on a WordPress theme to make it do what I want. Hopefully I don’t go too crazy.
twitter (feed #3) 10:09pm @akalsey I enjoy uttering words that I fancy and are topical to what I’m working on. Reminds me of this great site