My Lifestream for 2009-01-10

twitter (feed #3) 11:54pm Just like in real life it’s always worth waiting for traffic to die down. 2.4Gb in ~ 28 Minutes at 1.3MBps. Come to…
twitter (feed #3) 12:16am Here’s my contribution to the 80s photo meme. Yes, those are really me.
twitter (feed #3) 12:32am Here’s my contribution to the #80sphotoday meme. Now with new improved hashtag!
twitter (feed #3) 12:37am RT @TheMacMommy bummer :( I didn’t make BestOfShow for #80sphotoday Did you? ;)
twitter (feed #3) 12:44am Crunchies Backstage report from correspondent Alaska Miller
twitter (feed #3) 12:45am RT @erickbrockway: Actually anyone who wants to can grab the day pictures here; and add to ’em #80sphotoday
twitter (feed #3) 1:50am RT @dcconcierge: "Learning the difference between lifecasting and lifestreaming from @ekai" Good because the Wiki pages don’t discern
delicious (feed #4) 11:11am Poll Authority: The Authority on Free Online Polls And Video Polls
twitter (feed #3) 10:36pm Since #80sphotoday got extended to #80sphotowknd I updated my avatar. Bonus pics available here