Update on My Focus List

Monkey on my back
Monkey on my back

Here’s an update on the focus list I created for myself back in January. This was a collection of things I wanted to prioritize in my life this year. Ok here goes. The photo above is the literal monkey on my back as a representation of this list and my current progress.

This is something I tried a bit in 2018 and wanted to make it more of a habitual behavior in 2019. I started out well consistently doing this daily for a week and a half or so. Then I just well… lost focus and only have mustered up a few sessions over the last few months. I can’t quite pinpoint what caused this habit to deteriorate. I actually enjoy the practice and have seen the value. I think part of the problem is just doing it at a consistent time each day and I’m hoping I can get back on track.
Grade: F

This has been a bit easier to realize as it requires some planning and I already had made a commitments to a trip to Spain last year and another family trip to Hawaii is coming up in June. My new role at Virto Commerce has also afforded me with opportunities to go to Lithuania and Tennessee, where I was able to sneak in a visit to North Carolina as well. Several other travel opportunities are presenting themselves so this is definitely on track.
Grade: A

Experiential Events
More sporting events and concerts have been planned. Also trying to find more new events to experience. This is an extension of both my Travel and Friends and Family Time focus as well which weave in nicely. On our Spain trip we had a crammed itinerary with many great experiences filling our days.
Grade: A

More Friends and Family Time
I’ve been doing a pretty good job of achieving this goal. I’ve found myself saying yes more often to outings with friends whenever they ask. I’ve also tried to pro-actively reach out as well. I find that even if I’m tired or not necessarily in the mood to go out that I always enjoy myself and never regret it. I’ve also tried to spend my time with different people so this experiences, discussion and emotions vary. I find this to be valuable by taking myself out of my comfort zone is good and experiencing things I otherwise may not have considered.”
Grade: B

Unfortunately this is an area that I haven’t focused on at all since setting my initial goal. Finding motivation to write has always been a challenge of mine. It seems I always am triggered to do this by some internal mechanism and often don’t force myself to write unless I feel this compulsion. I need to change that. I came across this motivational piece and perhaps it will inspire me to do so. I also feel guild having neglected my new Digital Legacy site and hope to spend more time on that helping both myself and others plan for how our personal data will live beyond us.
Grade: F

I’ve done an ok job in this area considering I didn’t have huge expectations so I’ll give myself a passing grade but won’t pat myself on the back too much. I continue to find good recipes and surprise myself with the quality of the food I’ve cooked using my instant pot. Now I just need to find myself not using it as my only crutch to make a meal.
Grade: C

So my overall grade is a barely passing with a “C”. Not very good, so I’ll have to try and improve and then revisit this at the end of the year. Hopefully my overall grade can get a bump.