My Gear – iPhone Black Leather Texture Holster Case for Under $3

I was in the market for a case with a belt clip for my iPhone 3G and was searching through Amazon when I came across this case which had gotten 56 reviews with a 4+ star rating. It looked good and furthermore it was only $2.41!

I ordered it and was a little skeptical but after having it for 2 days I have to say it’s an amazing deal. I also ordered a silicone skin from the same vendor for about the same price and as you can see from the picture it still fits well in the case. It uses a magnetic flap for the cover. Both the headphone jack and speakers are exposed well with the phone sitting in the case. I was also pleasantly surprised to see it had an X (unintended logo for X PRIZE :) I highly recommend this case if you are looking for something similar.

The third party that sells this through Amazon is and the case is listed on their own site for $12.50 which would still be a good deal.

Go snap this up before they’re gone.