Learn about the viral word game Wordle

Quick info

  • Wordle is a viral new word puzzle game
  • It’s modeled a little after Mastermind
  • You have six guesses to try and guess a six letter word
  • Every day a new word puzzle emerges for everyone to guess
  • People post their guess results on social media
  • Here’s a Wordle clone you can also play on your own

I originally saw Brent share a link to the Wordle game on Twitter but didn’t think much of it. Soon after I started to see the now common tweet from many folks on Twitter which shows your guesses to solve the puzzle. This feature that was later added as a social component was genius by giving people daily bragging rights and increase interest in the game. After seeing enough of these Wordle solves shared, I was prompted to give it a shot and immediately got hooked.

The rules are pretty simple

Every day a new puzzle is created with the same word for everyone to try and solve. If you solve it you are then presented with your ongoing stats over time.

My stats
An example from one of my games

It’s a fun and simple game that has gone pretty viral in a short time. You can learn more about its origins in this interview with its creator. If playing once a day isn’t enough or if you want to practice between daily games you can play this clone during that time.