It’s the little things in life

As you may recall i decided to self publish a book of selected poems i wrote on a while back. well i did it for a couple of reasons, for one it forced me to edit, and properly lay out my work in the form of an ebook (adobe pdf format) which is something i had wanted to do but didn’t have much motivation after getting this site up. i also was pretty intrigued by the self publishing model mightywords has come up with. putting the book up for sale also gave me a sense of accomplishment as a legitimized published artist. i didn’t expect to make any money from this, but likened the experience to a fishing trip. if someone bites, it would be interesting to see what would come of it. well i sold one copy a while back to someone who visited this site. i didn’t really expect someone coming here to buy it, but it happened. i corresponded a bit with the person who bought it via icq for a while, but have since had a hard drive crash and i don’t have any history of our conversations. although like in many cases i have had to communicate with people in the past, depression was a topic of disucssion. anyways, i check my mailbox a couple weeks ago and low and behold i had received a royalty check from mightywords. i had sold one book and for that they had sent me the sum of $1.50 it may seem strange but i was a bit overcome by the feeling of how what was once this delusion of grandeur actually become a small reality due to the wonder of the internet.