friend or foe?

I came by last night
to visit you
approaching from behind
as my heart beats aloud

no idea of your notions,
disinterest and distance
may have been your wishes
but I still cannot decipher
the thought patterns of your kind

blabbing on about this and that
I have desperation in my voice
which I pray you don’t notice
but this situation unnerves me
and just by luck
your occupation enables you
to offer me the medicine I need
which allows me to cope with you
and all that surrounds me

I now become the person I know
and want to be
comfortable conversating
with the other patrons
here at the well

I can see and speak clearly
and hope this is the person
you have met and want
to be your companion

so after a little more
small talk
I bid farewell
legs quite loose below me
will we ever speak again