Feeling Strange

Yesterday I went shopping for my son for his birthday. I needed to spend a certain amount to be eligible for a special giftcard bonus. So I decided to pick up a CD I’ve been wanting for a while. It’s the score for the film One Hour Photo. I’ve never purchased the score for a film before, but I was very impressed by this one.

Coincidentally, it was scored by the same person responsible for Run Lola Run. Another film whose soundtrack captured me before the film. Anyways, today was Alexander’s party which was lots of fun. He turns five on Halloween.So I sit at the computer tonite for a bit, pop in my new cd and not thinking twice begin to download the pictures I took from my digital camera to my computer. Once the download finishes I start viewing them, all whilst listening to the score from One Hour Photo which when I realized it, it stopped me dead in my tracks at which point I decided to tall the story here.

Happy Halloween!