Clearing the Cobwebs

how pathetic…it’s been quite some time since i did anything here. not a great way to attract an audience. but i do have quite a bit to tell since the site achieved limbo status. i do have the excuse that my wife and i just had another child, but that’s about it. although nothing has appeared on the front end, i have spent a lot of time automating things behind the scenes. ok, here’s where you skip to the text that says i’m back in red if you want to bypass this nerd babble for a sec, but i wanted to share some of this info with anyone that was interested. i like to dabble a bit on the web development side and now have the ability to add news & poems from a form to store it in a database and dynamically update my site. my site is running on iis and uses asp pages connected to an access database. i also added a guestbook as well (i was using an outside service prior to this). anyways i received most of my help doing this by stumbling onto a wonderful site that had some great tutorials. i also got some help from some extremely talented co-workers (i work in the it dept. of a large e-commerce site). ok i’m back. i also just added a new poem as well.