Checking Traffic Online Provides a Surprising Chuckle

As a resident of Southern California with a long commute to work in the morning , and by long I mean measured by time not distance as is often the case, I’m addicted to The site provides real-time traffic data for all freeways in southern California (as well as other areas of California and Arizona). I almost religiously look at the site prior to stepping into a car before and after work as well as any other time I have a possible traffic obstacle that might impede my travel plans. Traffic accidents and hazards are listed on a map identified by a colored diamond which can then be clicked on to provide further detail. Upon clicking on one of these a few months back (yes it took me that long to sit down and compose this post) I was pleasantly amused by the description provided by the site for the hazard.

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I have since seen other funny descriptions which escape me at the moment, but were also very amusing. So if you are a user of the site, start taking a look at the descriptions and I’m sure you will find a funny one to lessen the horror that is southern California driving in traffic.